Frequently Asked Questions

Account registration is currently available from Windows application only.

To access it, make right click on the icon of Keyboard Extension in the system tray and then choose "Sign in / Register" option from the context menu...

In order for Autohotkey plugin to work you need to upload Autohotkey script, define input and output parameters, set a name to the plugin and write a description explaining what the plugin does.

Once input and output parameters are all set, it provides an instruction to the application for data transfer between Keyboard Extension installed onto Android device and the Autohotkey script. Incoming parameters receive tap/longtap notifications as well as changes to slider position/checkbox made by a user on a mobile device. Outgoing parameters are taken from the script and are sent to the layout. Normally they appear as a caption or a color of a button but also can be a new slider position, checkbox value or even an image...

There are two types of plugins at Keyboard Extension: Built-in and Autohotkey.

Built-in plugins are methods integrated into the code of executable file keyboardextension.exe. Though such plugins can not be separated from the executable file, they can be disabled. This can be useful if you are the business owner and you would like to restrict certain functionality to your employees.

Autohotkey plugins are open source scripts written in Autohotkey language (more info about Autohotkey: Any authorized user can create an Autohotkey plugin by uploading the Autohotkey script and setting up incoming and outgoing parameters.

No, you do not need to create account in order to use basic features of Keyboard Extension.

Nonetheless, you would need to register account and authenticate in order to create your own layouts and plugins. Account holders also enjoy access to more layouts and plugins.

Once you have an account, you will be able to access Layout Editor integrated into Android app enabling you to create your own layouts.

In order to register you would need email address only.

This feature will be available soon but if you urgently require to share your layout or a plugin, we can do it for free of charge, just drop us an email.

It is your right to have your account deleted from our system.

In order to delete your account, please send us a support request and we will lead you through the process.

We always look for Autohotkey developers and creative people who can design great looking and efficient layouts to our customers.

Drop us a CV explaining what value you would like to add to the Keyboard Extension product.

Once you register an account with Keyboard Extension, you will be able to create a layout for your application. Such a layout will only be visible to you only. 

We can also create a layout for your application and share it to our customers on a paid basis. Please let us know is that is something you are interested in.

Layouts for websites will be available soon (raise a ticket if you need that urgently, we might be able to assist).


In order to use Keyboard Extension you need to install Android app as well as Windows app and connect them after the installation.

1. Please make sure that you installed Keyboard Extension for Windows and Keyboard Extension for Android and both apps are currently running.

2. There are three connection methods available for your convenience: WiFi, Web-server, Bluetooth. Try the one which works best for you.

For vast majority of users we recommend using WiFi connection but your computer must be located within the same local network as your phone (your phone connected to the same router as your computer). Nonetheless, there is a chance that Windows firewall (or antivirus software) blocks any outgoing traffic from your computer. If that is the case you need to add keyboardextension.exe into exclusions in the firewall/antivirus software or open the ports.

If WiFi is not a working option for you, try connecting via the Web server.  Normally you would not need to change firewall/antivirus software settings for that. You would need a reliable Internet connection for such a communication method.

If WiFi nor Web server are suitable for your case then try using Bluetooth connection method. Though it is a reliable one, you might notice a degrade in performance...



That is possible for sure. Please let us know what is the feature you want to have and we will let you know if that is something we can do and how much that will cost or it will come free of charge.