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keyboard extension®

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Download and install Keyboard
Extension® for Windows
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Download and install Keyboard
Extension® for Android
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Run both applications in any order
If your network configurations meets minimum requirements then you should get connected. Please feel free to contact us if you are not able to establish connection providing detailed information of your network configuration.
System requirements
System requirements for PC
  • OS Windows 7, 10 (recommended) or later;
  • CPU Intel Core i3 / AMD Ryzen 3 or higher;
  • RAM 8Gb or more;
  • At least 100Mb of disk space available. Internet connection (high speed connection recommended);
  • Bluetooth adapter (optional).
System requirements for Android device
  • Mobile phone or tablet with OS Android v.5 or higher (recommended);
  • Screen resolution: 720 х 1280 to 1440 х 3200;
  • For perfect fit of predesigned layouts ratio 19:9 to 20:9 is advised;
  • RAM 2Gb or more;
  • WiFi (recommended) / Bluetooth (optional). Internet connection (optional).
Connection requirements
  • For connection over WiFi you will require to establish WiFi connection between your phone and the router and connect Windows PC connected to the same router (wired or wireless).
  • For connection over the Web server you will not require computer and Android device to be within the same network but you would need a reliable Internet connection.
  • For connection over Bluetooth you would need compatible Bluetooth adapter on your Android device and Windows PC. Bluetooth connection is slower than other two.